Supply Partner Programme

Be part of our journey

If you are a ground transport provider with high standards of service and the ambition to grow your business, our supply team is waiting to speak to you. We are always looking for partners to help us offer a truly global car and driver booking service to change the way leisure and business travellers book.

What can we offer you?

  • Global customer reach to over one million hotel and flight bookers daily
  • Easy self-billing payment process
  • Advance bookings to make your dispatch planning easier
  • Seamless integration with your existing dispatch system possible via XML

Why work with us?

We are good news for your business

We are part of an established global company: Booking Holdings Inc., the world's biggest online travel and leisure group; working alongside brands including and This give us the expertise to offer a seamless booking experience to customers, and you the reassurance that we will use our knowledge of the market to deliver bookings and develop a straight-forward system.

We are dedicated to keeping you busy

We do everything we can to drive more traffic to our website and constantly bring business your way. We are backing up that promise with targeted marketing investment and by leveraging our massive travel industry reach to generate incremental volume into your business.

We keep things simple

We find the customers, you provide the high quality vehicles and drivers, we provide friendly help and support, our customers have a great experience…it really is that easy. You will even have access to a simple online extranet allowing you to check and manage your bookings anytime.

How it works

Journey request

As soon as a customer books a journey with us, we send you the booking details via email or API. With a free-sell agreement in place, you'll be automatically assigned relevant bookings as soon as we receive them and in line with an agreed Advance Notice Period for all vehicle types.


Let us know the driver details, ensure the driver is there on time and complete the journey doing the best to receive 100% 5 star customer ratings.

Get paid

Once the journey has been completed and the customers let us know they're satisfied, or after a 72-hour period, all the complete journeys are added to the payable list. Each first day of the month you will receive the invoice for all the completed journeys of the previous month, with a clear and simple self-billing process and payments within 14 days.

How to join us…

Become a Rideways partner

If you are a professional company that always goes the extra mile for customers and are happy to maintain the standards set out in our Service Level Agreement, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at and we'll be in touch within 72 hours or 24/48 working hours to discuss how we can help your business to grow with Rideways.

Your extranet

Be in control

In addition to instant email alerts, when you receive a booking or a customer changes their request, you can also connect with us via our extranet - your personal interface that helps you to monitor and control the bookings you receive via our website. The easy-to-use interface puts all relevant journey info at your fingertips, allowing you to:

  • Acknowledge bookings
  • Access full journey details
  • Check customer requests and comments
  • Let us know driver and car details up to 15 minutes before the pick-up time
  • Access the “payable” overview to quickly check the completed journeys that are ready to be paid in the next payment

Ready to be part of our team? Please email us at